La Capitana Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc

The result of this exploration process is a Cabernet Franc with elegant, authentic tannins, whose persistence in the mid-palate is the faithful expression of the soil where it originated, with a structure and juiciness rooted in the rocky granite. Its winemaking processes focusesd on expressing the essence of the soil and grapes from the Paso Alto blocks in La Palmería de Cocalán.

Harvest 2019 year 2022

Harvest 2019 year 2021

Harvest 2019 year 2021

Harvest 2018 year 2021

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La Rosa Vineyard

Located in the vicinity of Peumo, they cover a diversity of geographical areas ranging from the slopes of the Cachapoal river, where the soil is characterized for being sandy, to our mountain hills, where deep colluvial soils are formed, internationally acknowledged as Chile’s finest area for the matchless production of Carmenère.
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