We had to wait 180 long years to produce a wine that properly represented the legacy of the Ossa family. The wine, in honor of those pioneers, who founded Viña La Rosa and made it grow beyond Chile's borders, is the product of the thorough effort led by Don Ismael Ossa Errázuriz in the search for the best vineyards, where the quality and power of each grape variety gave rise to a blend with the best of our lands in Peumo.

Since its release this blend has been recognized as one of Chile's finest Icon wines.

Cornellana Volcano Sedimentario

Our Cornellana line of wines is a jewel of geology, coming from an isolated valley surrounded by mountains of the Cordillera de la Costa.

The discovery of very interesting and unimagined soils for the Peumo area led us to explore and develop winemaking techniques that better reflect these rock-wines. This is how the new Vina la Rosa product line, Cornellana Volcano Sedimentario, was born, allowing us to look at winemaking from a different perspective, favoring the vineyard and its origin, with less human intervention and more expression of nature.

La Rosa

La Rosa is the result of the arduous challenge our team of viticulturists and winemakers took on, meticulously studying the unique characteristics of our terroir -an internationally recognized appellation- to carefully select the best soil for each variety, contributing to the complex structure of our wines.

Don Reca

A tribute to Don Recaredo Ossa Undurraga, fifth generation of the founding family of Viña La Rosa, who was not only a pioneer in spreading the name of Chilean agriculture and viticulture to the world, but with his entrepreneurial vision and personal charisma, marked the seal of excellence, innovation and transfer of knowledge that is imprinted in the affectionate nickname "Don Reca" with which he is remembered.


La Capitana Single Vineyard

Once again, the Ossa family vineyards honor their tradition in Peumo, nestled in the Cachapoal Valley, with two exceptional varieties that are part of a new chapter of rigorous and detailed soil exploration that gave life to the Cabernet Franc and Carmenère.

The understanding of our soils allowed us to find the exact blocks to meet the necessary standards that give the character and authenticity of these lands to the new La Capitana Single Vineyard line.

La Capitana

The wines of the La Capitana line are faithful representatives of teamwork, dedication , and a constant search to find the best conditions for the development of each of its grape varieties.

The name La Capitana is a tribute to the tallest palm tree that serves as a guide for all of us who work in the vineyards of the Palmería de Cocalán National Reserve. It is also a tribute to the Ossa family's commitment to preserve this natural reserve that safeguards more than 20,000 Chilean palms.


Wines with a youthful spirit that arise from the creativity of our team of young winemakers designed to accompany the new generations in their moments of fun.

La Palma Reserva

Wines made from specially selected fruit from our own vineyards, with special dedication to preserve, enhance and respect the qualities and attributes of each variety.


La Palma

Honest, well-balanced, and fruity wines that reveal the flavors and aromas that make each varietal unique.

La Capitana Sparkling Wines

La Capitana sparkling wines are fresh, soft, and delicate, with an extraordinary balance and complexity thanks to the aging on lees.

La Palma Sparkling Wines

To celebrate, share, or enjoy as an aperitif.
Lucious notes of fresh fruit and citrus stand out.
Very refreshing and smooth on the palate, with lingering fruit, balanced acidity, and a crispy fresh finish.