Eugenio Maffei


Eugenio was born in Santiago de Chile in 1964 and is an Agronomist from Universidad Católica de Chile, where he specialized in fruit orchards and oenology in 1989.

He took the winemaking exam in 1990 and received the best winemaking thesis that year.

He began working at Viña Errázuriz Panquehue in the Aconcagua Valley as viticulturist and winemaker, then exclusively as viticulturist at Viña Tarapacá Ex Zavala (Isla de Maipo), to go on to work at Viñedos y Bodegas Córpora as Agricultural Manager for 11 years, with terroirs ranging from the Aconcagua Valley to the Biobío Valley. For the past six years he has worked as Agricultural Manager at Viña La Rosa.

Julia Aros

Vineyard Manager

Julia was born in Peumo in 1988 and studied Agronomy at Universidad de Concepción specializing in fruit growing.

She began her professional career in Miami, USA, as a quality inspector in export fruit and in 2016, upon her return to Chile, she joined La Rosa Sofruco working as head of fields and laboratory manager in ripeness analysis. In 2019 she began her work as vineyard manager, a position she has held to date.



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We believe in the sustainable management of our vineyards, incorporating zero impact green technologies and the optimal use of natural resources. Our winemaking practices are based on respect for the environment, minimal use of agrochemicals and a deep relationship with the community and our surrounding areas.

We are convinced that the quality of our wines originates in the vineyard, with respectful management of natural processes and the dedicated work of all our employees, which is reflected in grapes that express the unique characteristics of each variety, representative of the identity of the Cachapoal Valley. Aware of climate change and its effect on the importance of water resources, each season we consistently monitor irrigation needs with studies of soil conductivity and vineyard development in order to minimize its impact.

Our viticulturists work side by side with the winemakers touring the vineyards, discovering the potential of each block, tasting the grapes, and determining the precise moment to harvest. 

Our own vineyards supply all our requirements, guaranteeing quality and consistency in grapegrowing over time.