Cachapoal Valley

The Cachapoal Valley is located in central Chile, between the foothills of the Andes Mountains and the Coastal Range. Its cold, rainy winters and warm, dry summers create an exceptional microclimate for the development of vineyards and fruit orchards, especially on the southern slope where Viña La Rosa is located, as the sun's rays fall at a sharp angle, creating a cool environment that prevents excess radiation and evaporation. 

This valley is blessed by the Cachapoal River, which originates in the high Andes Mountains. It travels 250 kilometers, from an altitude of 600 meters, reaching with its generous flow the mountainous and fertile landscape of our region.


Our vineyard is located in the commune of Peumo, in the heart of the Cachapoal Valley, with an area of 153.12 km² and a population of 14,313 inhabitants. Its climate and soil conditions are optimal for agriculture and the perfect terroir for vineyards and fruit orchards. The Peumo appellation is recognized worldwide for its favorable conditions for wine growing and cultivating classic grape varieties, with Carmenère being especially favored.