• Six generations, the same passion

    The Ossa family founded the winery in 1824 and has remained in charge of continuing the founders’ legacy for six generations. Today it is led by Ismael Ossa, who is responsible for establishing Viña La Rosa as a producer of world-class fine wines.

    The winery owns 680 hectares of vineyards in the Peumo zone of the Cachapoal Valley that are sustainably managed in harmony with nature and with absolute respect for the people who care for them, from the vineyard to the bottle.

  • Wines from estate-grown, estate-bottled grapes

    We strive to ensure that our consumers can rely upon the high quality of our wines. We understand that quality begins in the vineyard, and therefore we only make wines with selected fruit grown in our own vineyards in the Peumo area of the Cachapoal Valley and tended by our own people (Estate Grown).

    Our wines are bottled in our own century-old winery in Peumo in the Cachapoal Valley (Estate Bottled).

Our Wines

Wines of grapes grown and bottled in origin