Our Philosophy

We believe that our wines are intended to bring unique pleasure to consumers around the world by accompanying them during their special occasions.

To do that we focus our efforts on creating wines that inspire confidence through their quality, balanced wines complemented by oak, and a long vatting that allows us to draw out the typicity of each variety.

Convinced that is made in the vineyard, we work side-by-side with the viticultural team and take pride in the origin of our wines—our own vineyards in Peumo, in the Cachapoal Valley.

As an essential part of our enological work, we ensure that each of our bottles faithfully expresses this denomination of origin, renowned for the quality of its wines, which we bottle at origin in our century-old winery.

Gonzalo Cárcamo: Head winemaker

Gonzalo Cárcamo was born in Santiago, Chile in 1971. As a student he was passionate about music and considered becoming a professional musician, but chose winemaking instead. He received his degree in Agricultural Engineering with a specialization in enology from the Universidad de Chile in 1996.

Gonzalo believes that winemaking is the perfect combination of art and science. “I have to use all of my senses when I create a wine, so I get the most satisfaction from that special moment when I come as close as possible to reaching perfection, and that gives me great pleasure.”

Gonzalo’s professional career began in 1996 when he was hired as winemaking assistant at Viña Santa Carolina. He joined Viña La Rosa in 1998 and held a series of positions before becoming head winemaker in 2011.

As part of his professional development and to keep up with the latest enological and viticultural practices, Gonzalo regularly travels to the United States and Europe to visit the leading denominations of origin. One of his most important journeys took place in 2002, when he visited Robert Mondavi’s winery in the Napa Valley, where he had the opportunity to spend time with the famous Californian winemaker.

In his free time, Gonzalo enjoys playing tennis and long, traditional family weekend lunches. “There’s nothing I like more than long conversations at the table, accompanied by a good Chilean wine.”

Gonzalo and his wife Milenka have three children, Agustín and twins Samira and Cristóbal.

Cynthia Ortiz: Winemaker

Cynthia received her degree in enology from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and is a member of the National Association of Agricultural Engineers-Enologists. Her first harvest season was in 2008.

She has worked at leading wineries such as Casa Lapostolle and Viña Aquitania and participated in crushes in the United States and Spain, where she mastered new technologies such as thermo-vinification and techniques for crafting high-end red wines. That experience enabled her to take on her current position in charge of La Rosa’s red wines.

In her free time Cynthia practices another of her passions—mountain climbing.

Juan Carlos Acevedo: Winemaker

Born and raised in Peumo, Juan Carlos is an energetic person who loves his home territory and his roots. That led to his decision to study agronomy at the Universidad de Concepción and follow in his father’s footsteps in the world of wine by continuing his studies in enology at the Universidad de Chile.

After completing his studies, Juan Carlos’s adventurous spirit led him to work at Capel and Viña Tabalí in the Limarí Valley. He later worked in Carneros (Napa) making Pinot Noir and sparkling wines for Domaine Carneros. Upon his return to Chile, he worked at Luis Felipe Edwards and at the Bethia group’s wineries in the Bío-Bío zone.

He returned to Peumo in late 2014 and joined La Rosa to take charge of making white, rosé, and sparkling wines.

Juan Carlos’s hobbies include making his own garage wine, overseeing everything from growing to bottling in small batches. He also makes craft beer to enjoy with family and friends.