La Rosa West

Our La Rosa West farm in – Peumo is part of the original Ossa family estate. Its name comes from the town of the same name located in the vicinity of the vineyard distant 68km (42miles) in a straight line from the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The climate is markedly Mediterranean and its soils are of the deep sandy clay loam type.

The vineyards are located at 160mt (525 ft.) above sea level in its lowest part, rising to 237 mt (280ft.) at its highest point. Solar exposure is south and north-west. 21 ° c (70°F) is the thermal oscillation observed in summer.

The vineyards are spread over 2,000 hectares (4.942 acres) of which 205 (507 acres) are planted with Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenère in densities ranging from 3,333 plants per hectare to 4,167 plants per hectare using piton as trellis system.

Drip irrigation is the main system used of irrigation. In some sectors, irrigation by furrows is used taking advantage of the natural channels that cross the vineyard.

From this emblematic vineyard, grapes are selected for the icon Ossa, La Rosa Carménère, Don Reca, La Capitana, La Rosa Reserva and La Palma

De este campo emblema se selecciona uva para el ícono Ossa, La Rosa Carmenère, Don Reca, La Capitana, La Rosa Reserva y La Palma.