To be a brand recognized for its quality as well as an indispensable part of the Chilean wine portfolio of our customers around the world. We offer memorable, pleasure-filled times that transport our consumers to the magic and purity of our vineyards and the people that bring them to life.


Our calling is to make honest, distinctive wines of recognized quality for consumers around the world, wines that come from our own vineyards in the Peumo district of the Cachapoal Valley.

We do this in a sustainable way by respecting the land we have been blessed with, recognizing the contributions of our collaborators, maintaining close ties with the community we are part of, and creating sustainable value for our shareholders.


Our values represent the essence of who we are and the principles that we have proudly upheld since 1824 as a legacy of the Ossa family, now in its sixth generation.

Our Origin

  • Our home is in the Cachapoal Valley, where our company began more than 190 years ago

 Our Environment

  • We respect and are grateful for the land that provides us with its bounty, and we manage our vineyards and its fruit in a sustainable way.

Passion for Quality

  • We strive to make wines that inspire confidence for their recognized quality.
  • We recognize that quality begins in the vineyard. Our wines are crafted only from select fruit from our own vineyards cared for by our own people (Estate Grown).
  • We bottle at origin in our century-old Peumo winery in the Cachapoal Valley (Estate Bottled).

Open to change

  • Our history was built upon the perfect combination of values and traditions passed down by six generations of the Ossa family and the ongoing challenge of questioning and seeking new ways of doing things with passion and excellence.



Viña La Rosa began in 1824 when Francisco Ossa y Mercado, a leading mining entrepreneur in northern Chile bought an estate in central Chile. His fondness for agriculture led him to choose a property that was eventually was left to his oldest son, Gregorio.

The beauty of the Cachapoal Valley and the attractive qualities of the Peumo district appealed to Don Francisco, and one beautiful estate in particular caught his attention. It had been part of the first land grant or encomienda that Pedro de Valdivia gave to the love of his life, Inés de Suarez in this distant New World. The property was later sold to Manuel Blanco Encalada, a famous mariner and Chile’s first president.

The purchase included a vineyard planted with pre-phylloxera vines imported from France, a winery, barrels for storing the wine, and the family residence.

Today, the sixth generation of the family, now headed by Ismael Ossa, continues the legacy of its founders and has established Viña La Rosa as a producer of world-class fine wines. To achieve that goal the winery has more than 600 hectares of vineyards planted in the Peumo zone of the Cachapoal Valley, managed using sustainable practices in harmony with nature and with absolute respect for the people who care for it until it is bottled on site.

Our team

All the Viña la Rosa team work hard every day to create unique and high quality wines. A formidable group of people who deliver the best of each of their virtues and put them in function of the objectives of our company.

Each of them has the responsibility to lead each of their teams, transmitting the mission, vision, objectives, values ​​and philosophy of Viña la Rosa.


Daniel Eyzaguirre

Export Manager

Pilar Marambio

Gastón Medina

Ricardo Ullrich

Production Manager

Ignacio Tapia

Domestic Market Manager 

María Paz Barros